Single Multifunctional 3-in-1 Cool Light Kit


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Linco Inc.’s Single Multifunctional ‘3-in-1’ Cool Light Kit includes one single light holder with one 85W bulb. What makes this kit “multifunctional” is Linco’s Morning Glory – a reflector, softbox and snoot in one. That means you get all three without the hassle of having to hull around each individual item. It allows you to quickly switch between reflector, softbox and snoot to get different types of lighting effects. The possibilities are endless. Create a hard light with the reflector, create a soft light with the softbox and direct your light source with the snoot… all in a matter of seconds and all with just one item! The built-in drawstring allows your single light holder, bulb and the Morning Glory itself to be extremely portable and the flexible bars fully protect your bulb. It’s cost-efficient, convenient to transport and easy to use. The Morning Glory makes your shooting more versatile and a lot more fun. Have a blast switching between light modifiers – reflector, softbox and snoot – with ease and shoot away!
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MFR Code: M-1 Linco
Code  What's in the Box   Qty. Total
M-1 Single Multifunctional 3-in-1 Cool Light Kit  
3423 24" Morning Glory Reflector and Softbox 1 $24.99 
3245 PRO 500 Fluorescent Light Holder 1 $24.99 
PP170051 Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb 1 $28.99 
7306 Photo Studio 6ft Light Stand 1 $17.99 
Subtotal: $96.96
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Total $96.96
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PRO 500 Fluorescent Light Holder
  • Dimensions(cm):13x10x10
  • Lamps:E26 screw base fluorescent
  • Input Voltage:120V AC
  • Cable:290cm 120 volt
  • Weight:320g
  • Code:3423
    21" Morning Glory Reflector and Softbox
  • Dimensions(cm):D58x31(D22x36)
  • Weight:430g
  • Mounting:D52mm
  • Code:PP170051
    Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb
  • Watts:85W
  • Volts:110V AC
  • Weight:200g
  • Maximum Overall Length(cm):22
  • Maximum Overall Diameter(cm):8
  • Base Type:Medium Screw (E26)
  • Code:LT-N7307N
    3 Britek 7' Light Stands
  • Minimum Height(cm):92
  • Maximum Height(cm):208
  • Closed Length(cm):78.5
  • Footprint Diameter(cm):82
  • Weight:1.21kg
  • Maximum Load:8 lbs

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